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Course description

“ Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when he grows up.” Pablo Picasso

Art is fun and an educational activity for children and adults alike. Art helps children work through emotional stress, expands their levels of creativity, explores new materials, and challenges their abilities.

Why Art Lessons For Children : ‘Art makes you smarter’ how?

- With personal development; art provides an opportunity to augment creative expression, self discovery, self esteem and self concept. Each work of art creates a sense of achievement in the children who create the art.

- With social development; Social development is enhanced as children learn to cooperate during group art projects. When individual projects are combined as in art quilt, young artists gain a sense of individual contribution to a group product and develop a “we” feeling.

- With physical development ; Small muscles, eye-hand coordination, dexterity and a sense of rhythm are developed as children engage in art activities.

We will learn drawings, paintings, recyling art, sculpture, some craft works and artist biographies and develop our thinking and hand skills with our imagination together. During courses we will develop fun together and positive atmosphere in our art class, creativity and growth will naturally follow.

Price: 2490czk/10hours/5classes

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