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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Pablo Picasso

Students who are able to develop creative skills through art education will be able to use those creative skills in whatever path they eventually choose in life. Art is a visual language; visual design elements are the language of art. So, the students will learn the fundamentals of that visual language.

We will learn drawings technics, paintings, collage and printmaking technics which are monoprint, linocut, woodcut with some artist biography and art history. We will develop our creativity and imagination between disciplines in visual arts. We will use a series of project-based works, we will gain an introduction to the use of paint, ways to approach painting the figure, and some basic colour theory.

During courses students learn best when they’re relaxed and having fun. We will develop fun together and positive atmosphere in our art class, creativity and growth will naturally follow….

friday 6-8pm Price: 10hours /2490 czk 1hour/ 300 czk

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